Hello from Rapt!

Hello from Rapt!

Rapt is a platform to match users – who already know each other as friends or contacts – for dating!

This app helps single individuals match with other singles, where there is a mutual interest, but not communicated for any reason. Each side tells Rapt about their interest, and the application keeps it quiet until hears from both! Then it sends a notification to both at the same time… Rapt’s motto is “till the time is right, your secret is safe with us!”

Here is how it works: you ‘mark’ or ‘tag’ someone from your list of contacts or friends. We just keep this info in our database, and if that special other one also marks you, we’ll notify you both at the same time, with a ‘match’ notification 🙂

Please let us know your questions/comments/critiques at info@myrapt.com.   

By the way, the word ‘rapt’ means fascinated, absorbed, and interested!

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