RAPT the best application to date the ones you know!

Till the time is right you secret is safe with us!

Pick your crushes from your list of contacts, and mark them. As soon as they mark you too, you’ll be both notified of the match to begin your exciting journey together!

Mark them and wait…!

If you can’t tell someone you know about your crush, just mark them in Rapt and wait until they pick you too… we’ll let you both know!  We’ll even recommend best places in your area that you can go on your date!

Rapt is a user friendly application, so you can browse easily and pick from the list of contacts on your phone and Facebook friends.

Rapt respects your privacy and security

  • Rapt will never notify your friends, until the marking is mutual.
  • Rapt will never post on your Facebook
  • Rapt will never sends you notifications that you didn’t ask for

Give it a chance, don’t let the time pass even more…!

Let’s create an opportunity, a possibility, to improve your love life! Rapt is here to help you begin a journey, a nice story in your life!