Does my crush love me back? Let’s find out... Let’s RAPT!

Rapt, the best application to connect with secret crushes! Remember, till the time is right, your secret is safe with us!

Pick your secret crushes from list of contacts, and ‘mark’ them in Rapt. As soon as they mark you too, you’ll both get a ‘match’ notification to begin your exciting journey together! Use the app to invite your crush download it! ;)

'Mark' your secret crush and wait for a RAPT Match…!

Rapt a mobile app to match you with your secret crush! Yes, the one that you always liked but never approached! Maybe you’ve been too shy, or maybe you were just not sure the feeling was mutual, and didn’t want to jeopardize the friendship until you know…

Only if there was a way to know; only if there was a friend that you both could tell your secrets to, and be notified when the crush is mutual… ‘Rapt’ is here to help! 😉

Rapt is a matching algorithm… you secretly ‘mark’ or ‘tag’ a very special one from your contact list. We keep this information in our safe and secure database, and if your crush also marks you, we will notify you both with a ‘match’ notification.

Remember, till the time is right, your secret is safe with us!

You can invite your friends to download the app…

We’ll even recommend best places in your area that you can go on your date!

Rapt respects your privacy and security

  • You can mark your secret crush if you have a phone number or email address!
  • Rapt will never notify your friends, until the marking is mutual
  • Rapt will never send you notifications that you didn’t ask for

Does my crush love me back?.... give the question a chance!

Let’s create an opportunity, a possibility, for your love life! Rapt is here to help you begin a journey in your life, and create a lot of good memories!

Download Rapt for your iPhone or Android phone